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At Wind River Physical Therapy we strive to give the best physical therapy care in Fremont County.  We pride ourselves on being the only privately owned physical therapy clinic in Lander that treats every patient one on one.  With our highly skilled therapists and our one on one approach for each visit we feel we can help our patients accomplish the highest functional outcome possible.  We work to educate our patients about their injuries and the healing process, so that they may be a more active participant in the rehabilitative process.  Our goal is to assist patients to return to the highest level of function by treating the cause of their problems not just their symptoms.


 Our individualized one on one patient care at each visit
by our 
professionally licensed Physical Therapist’s, is what sets us apart from the other clinics in Fremont County.


Services include but are not limited to:

 Pre & Post-Operative Surgical Conditions

Sports Injuries

Neurological Rehabilitation

Balance & Vestibular Rehabilitation

Back Pain/Injuries

Gait Training

Dry Needling

Pelvic Floor

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  1. after my second lower back surgery I chose to go to Wind River Therapy for my services. I found all of the staff to be friendly, and very knowledgable in their many therapy approaches. I really enjoyed the one on one services and care I received. I had previously gone to another therapy group pre-op and follow up. I was shown the exercise and then the therapist went to another patient. So when I needed therapy again I was really happy to find Wind River Therapy. They worked very had with my on my back issues and tried many different modes of therapy. I would recommend Wind River Therapy to anyone who needs therapy either prior or after surgery. You will not be disappointed.

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